Jay Shop, Inc.


Our Mission:


To provide full-service evaluations, training, worker development, job experience and support services to people with disabilities, chronic illness or significant socio-economic disadvantages; to empower individuals in the quest for sustainable employment and increased earning potential.


How it all began:


In the fall of 1965, a chapter of the Oakland County Jaycees decided to sponsor a community mental health project. In collaboration with Dr. Donald Martin, then director of Pontiac State Hospital, a program was initiated. By early spring of the next year, the program was incorporated as Jay Shop, in honor of the visionary Jaycees.

Today, Jay Shop continues to honor our 50 year history with service to the community. We are happy to employ determined individuals, who are willing to grow, taking each day at a time, while enjoying participation in our enrichment programs; educational, personal and career development supports. Our implementation of a low-barrier hiring policy provides a rich and diverse pool of eligible applicants.


A comprehensive outreach, oriented for our employees' greatest benefit, allows us to realistically set our sights on reaching ambitious goals and mining individualized potential. 

Jay Shop, Inc.: Empower. Inspire. Employ.

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Celebrating 50 years in service - 1966-2016