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Work-Life Enrichment

Jay Shop’s Enrichment program is designed to increase access to and participation in person-specific training, apprenticeships and entrepreneurial experiences in order to facilitate satisfactory, mainstreamed employment in appropriate fields. After initial evaluation, ISPs are directed by program participants.

Recovery Support through The Phoenix Project

Jay Shop works to reverse the negative social effects of addiction by providing real-time, candid accountability for those in recovery.

Participation in the Phoenix Project requires a minimum of 90 sober days prior to hire, ongoing meeting attendance and a commitment to outpatient counseling. Acceptance is contingent on successful interview.

Trial Work & Mainstream Employment Support Services

Our community-based assessments and follow-up services are available to any business or organization hoping to increase integration of qualified people with disabilities within their workforce.

When individuals who were referred by various employment services lose their funding, but would benefit from continuing within a structured environment, Jay Shop is there. Workforce development, person-centered training, is our goal.

Flexible scheduling makes it easier to test your readiness to enter or return to the workforce with Ticket To Work. 


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